Risk Management Program Audit


HRC excels at executing comprehensive insurance program audits. This detailed audit evaluates all policies insuring a client, including forms, endorsements, exclusions, binders and proposals. It advises whether the coverage sufficiently protects the client.


For each policy a report is created. This report includes suggestions for improvements to language, points out exposures and compares the insurance proposal and insurance binder to the issued policy to assure the policy was accurately issued. HRC then requests the broker or insurance company make changes or correct any errors. This policy evaluation will confirm that the client has the optimal coverage.

Risk Management Program Marketing


Upon completion of an extensive risk audit, HRC develops customized insurance coverage specifications tailored to create the optimal risk management and insurance program, whether it be for one policy or for the entire insurance program.


Proposals are requested from insurers, through brokers, program managers, association programs, risk retention groups, or direct providers that meet HRC's specifications. HRC then compares all proposals for coverage quality, applicability of endorsements, and then negotiates on the client’s behalf to obtain the best coverage for the best price available.