Contractual Review


All contractual agreements have a certain level of risk associated with them.  The legal and business perspectives are not always in line with the risk perspective. Therefore, these documents should be reviewed by not just your attorneys, accountants and insurance brokers, but also by a risk management professional.  Unlike brokers who commonly do the processing and deliver the paperwork with no analysis or assessment of the risk within the contracts, HRC is trained in evaluating what risks lie within the contract and how best to transfer or manage that risk.  Such an analysis is necessary to understand the risks inherent in the agreement, which may not be readily apparent to your brokers, accountants or attorneys.


Whether it be a lease, a merger or acquisition agreement, a licensing of a new product, or a request to add another party as a named insured, the consequences of how these clauses are drafted can have grave consequences on the business.

HRC can review your existing or proposed agreements for a merger or acquisition, lease analysis, or any contract requiring one party to hold harmless or indemnify another, and make recommendations to reduce your risk of loss.  HRC can provide advice to brokers as to the appropriate language for any certificates or endorsements to be issued and can instruct your attorneys as to the most effective language for any contracts you may enter.