Business Continuity & Disaster Planning


Critical business catastrophes can vary from fire to a computer network crash.  HRC can provide you with methods of prevention, preparedness, response and recovery plans. HRC can provide the client with step by step guidance to have the peace of mind to know you are prepared to move forward through a crisis as seamlessly as possible.


HRC’s Business Continuity and Disaster Contingency Planning Consulting Service includes the following:


  • Evaluate the client’s existing security and protection plans, facility operations and security requirements, along with the risks facing each facility with regard to its employees, property, information technology and storage, customers and neighboring businesses. This will encompass evacuation planning, emergency contacts and notification, employee communication, insurance and financial risks, training and division of responsibility among staff and post incident operations and survival. Recommend insurance coverage for these specific risks and establish procedures for filing disaster claims.

  • Establish a Crisis Management Team and work together to develop a comprehensive and functional Disaster Contingency Plan to protect all critical business operations.

  • Establish separate on-site and off-site Crisis Command Centers, where the selected parties would gather during or following a critical incident. HRC will advise as to any equipment, resources and communication methods necessary for these Command Centers, and the Crisis Management Team will be instructed in their operation.

  • Develop as part of the Disaster Contingency Plan an Emergency Management section explaining the activities of each Team Member on such issues as telecommunications, water, electric, gas and oil shut offs, required notifications, communication issues, personal safety, property protection, community outreach, recovery tasks, health, environmental and other logistical issues.

  • HRC is available to conduct seminars and training sessions on the increasing dangers of international travel and travel safety techniques, as well as evaluate the risks facing client’s executives to determine exposure, residential and office security, transportation exposure and workplace violence measures.