Risk Management Consulting Services


Through our Risk Management Consulting Service, HRC strives to minimize the Client's risk of financial loss by designing a risk management program to meet the Client's risk management goals. To achieve these results, HRC provides the following services:


  • Risk audits covering exposures, insurance policies, and any non-insurance techniques.  This process includes recommendations on coverage modifications or additional coverages where necessary.

  • Providing the client with an insurance contract, lease and indemnification language analysis to decrease the client’s risk of loss. 

  • Orchestrating the competitive marketing of the risk management program, from development of custom specifications, to insurance company and broker selection, analysis of proposals, negotiation, recommendation and selection by the Client of the placement of the program.

  • Loss control and prevention recommendations to assist the client in reducing both the magnitude and frequency of claims.

  • Providing expert witness testimony and litigation support.

  • Advising the client on feasibility of any proposed merger or acquisition by reviewing insurance programs, transaction agreements, target company's assets, operations and exposures.

  • Assisting in bankruptcy proceedings to reduce the insurance premiums and assist in recapturing of outstanding workers compensation dollars from prior policies.

  • Identifying and evaluating the client's environmental exposures and recommending insurance programs.