Risk Management Analysis



  • Analysis and evaluation of the big issues before any agreements are signed
  • Review of the type of business
  • Size of the Target
  • Complexity of the Target

Due Diligence


  • Interim phase when the Letter of Intent has been signed and accepted, but before acquisition takes effect
  • Depleted or exhausted liability limits
  • Pending litigation
  • Unstated or understated reserves for self-insured losses
  • Pending litigation against Directors and Officers
  • Successor liability for products of the acquired firm
  • Environmental exposures
  • Denied/Disputed/Unreported insurance claims
  • Insurance record gaps
  • Claims-made liability policy with coverage continuity lapsesDiscontinued operations



  • Depending upon the nature of the transaction, does the Target’s operation fit with the Buyer’s insurance program?
  • Should there be any insurance that must continue for the Target?