Certificate of Insurance Program


In most any business agreement, one party is required to indemnify or hold harmless the other, both by way of providing adequate insurance protection and by contractually agreeing that it will defend and indemnify the other party in the event of any claim relating to the terms of the subject agreement.   It is common practice for businesses to simply rely on the terms of the agreement itself as its only means of protection.  Unfortunately, HRC’s experts repeatedly see agreements, insurance contracts, and endorsements that purport to protect the Client’s business interests in a particular agreement, but merely refer to outdated and inaccurate insurance clauses or coverages that provide no or inadequate protection.  HRC can provide expert insight to assure the certificates and endorsements of contractual agreements are actually protecting you as you intend.


In addition to assisting clients by reviewing and recommending certain language in the agreements before they are signed, HRC also works to establish an organized program of insurance certificate management. Since the broker’s function in this regard is to simply deliver the certificates and endorsements, not to review and evaluate their content relative to the risk inherent in each agreement. HRC can manage the program on the client’s behalf or train the client’s own staff to perform all language analysis and follow up activities for the certificate program.